What’s new in Rocket LegaSuite

In Rocket LegaSuite 8.5.1, we continue to build on the strong foundation of the powerful, yet easy-to-use modernization capabilities developers have come to expect from Rocket LegaSuite. Key highlights from the release include:

  • Access & Connectivity Hub for Rocket LegaSuite
  • Improvements to support for REST Connector for Rocket API

Stay agile and competitive with Rocket LegaSuite

New Dynamic UI templates and custom appearances: Empowers developers to quickly deliver an enhanced modernization solution out-of-the-box.

  • Themes now contain appearances that will be used by the new dynamic UI templates, making it easier to use a single theme for regular pages and runtime dynamically generated pages.
  • Dynamic UI can generate a UI on the fly based on your rules and templates. In this release, we include a new Dynamic UI project template that is preconfigured to leverage the custom appearances.

The Access & Connectivity Hub

Rocket® API customers already see improvements in productivity, process management, and automation by leveraging the Access & Connectivity Hub for their modernization projects. In this release, you will find the Access & Connectivity Hub for LegaSuite delivers the same productivity enhancements as it becomes the central location for managing your Rocket LegaSuite deployments, including versioning and licensing. Now you can manage both Rocket API and LegaSuite Web deployments in one place. And the Access & Connectivity Hub for LegaSuite also integrates with Rocket Aldon® for deeper ALM/DevOps functionality and compliance reporting.

Other Access & Connectivity Hub updates

  • Optimize development process: Creating a new project now allows you to combine multiple Web Builder and Theme projects into a composite web application. Developers can also deploy web applications to engines—such as servlet and Web Engine—that are registered for an environment.
  • Centralized administration of web application configurations: Configure web applications directly from the Access & Connectivity Hub so there are similar settings across deployments. This means changes to web-application configurations and settings per environment or realm is fast and efficient.