Recover from disasters quickly

Minimize risk, damage, and business disruption

When unexpected events happen in the business environment—specifically to IT systems and affecting data—it can be devastating.That’s why a strong disaster recovery strategy is so important to your IT department.

You need to recover data and business resources as quickly as possible to minimize risk, damage and business disruption.

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Be ready for disasters affecting IBM i data and applications

Rocket® iCluster® solutions help address unexpected events on the IBM® i platform by continuously replicating a recovery point to a standby server.So when the unexpected happens (and it does) you're prepared.

If your recovery point is the time when your backup happens, typically at around 2:00 AM, any business resources compiled after that time will need to be recovered in the event of a system failure.iCluster can significantly speed up this process by providing a recent and accurate recovery point from which to recover.Additionally, it provides a hot standby server with the recovery point already delivered and ready to deploy.Both these actions significantly reduce and in some cases nullify the impact to your business.

Rocket iCluster gives IT departments a fast, reliable and easy-to-administer solution that not only replicates critical business data to a remote backup system in near real time, but also enables users to be switched in minutes in order to resume business when disaster strikes.