Maintain business continuity

Ensure 24x7 access to data and business applications on IBM i systems

In a fiercely competitive 24x7 business environment, data and applications—particularly those on IBM® i systems—must be constantly accessible.Business won't wait for scheduled system downtime for server upgrades, backups, and batch processes, or for unplanned outages.

Preventive, proactive high availability and disaster recovery management is essential.

Journal Management
Ensures uninterrupted access

Mission-critical business data and business applications run on your IBM i systems.Providing continuous access to these assets is essential for the business.Automating your high-availability and disaster recovery management processes is one way to ensure uninterrupted access.  

Rocket® iCluster® is a high-availability and disaster recovery solution for business applications operating on IBM Power® or IBM PureFlex® systems running IBM i.iCluster enables continuous access through monitoring, notification and self-correcting replication issues.With iCluster, you can be proactive instead of reactive, saving precious time—and improving satisfaction for your users, customers and management.With the sophisticated features and ease of use of Rocket iCluster, you can help ensure that the business won't "go offline." And you always know your recovery point and recovery time for high availability.

Painless management

Rocket iCluster is easy to manage, administer and switch.It offers a cost-effective fee structure, licensed by physical server instead of number of logical systems or partitions (LPARs) or by number of users or CPU processors—with no extra charge within the same processor group, regardless of geographical location, and no transfer fees while under active maintenance.iCluster has all functionality you need in one product, with no modules.