What’s New in Rocket BlueZone

Rocket® BlueZone® 8.1.0

Easy and secure access to host systems is critical to the operation of your business. With Rocket BlueZone’s new Web-to-Host application, you can increase customer, user, and management satisfaction. At the same time, you can reduce time spent administering your terminal emulator across your organization thanks to a new web experience that centrally manages BlueZone administrative functions.

In addition to the updated administration console, other highlights from the 8.1.0 release are available below.

Authentication management

Easily set up authentication protocols to align with your organization’s security policies and deliver better host-based security. Options include:

  • BlueZone authentication
  • LDAP authentication
  • Database authentication, such as Microsoft SQL Server
  • SSO authentication
  • No authentication

Sessions and user/group management

Easily manage setup for host sessions as well as access and controls for users and groups. Ensure compliance to organizational policies, deliver better user experiences, and provide fast and improved terminal emulator support.

  • Session management: Create and manage multiple sessions.
  • User management: Create new users and groups. Assign users to different groups, and more.
  • User controls: Manage which users or groups have the ability to record, edit and add scripts, as well as create and customize host sessions.
  • Batch processing: Easily import and assign controls and groups to new users in batches.

The new Web-to-Host application

The new Web-to-Host application will replace the Web-to-Host wizard and the BlueZone Integration Server, simplifying upgrades and administration processes.

BlueZone 8.1.0 removes the Web-to-Host dependency on Java

As of April 16, 2019, Oracle has shifted to commercial, paid licensing for new versions of Java 8 (specifically, as of Java 8u211).

Many Rocket-branded products and IBM-branded products developed by Rocket are dependent on Java, but no customer wants to be forced to pay Oracle for a commercial Java 8 license. To help those customers seeking guidance for their Java support, we’re providing options. For Rocket BlueZone 8.1.0, the Web-to-Host application replaces Web-to-Host Wizard and the integration server, removing any final dependences on Java within BlueZone Web-to-Host.