Rocket TRUexchange

Secure Managed File Transfer for your supply chain

Rocket® TRUexchange is a highly secure, easy-to-use, on-demand SaaS solution for exchanging files and documents. It's easy to exchange documents of any type and size, quickly and securely.

With TRUexchange, you can connect and share with business partners in any geography, regardless of time zone or system configuration. TRUexchange also lets you know when and where your documents have been shared.

TRUCommunity Overview
Secure, fast, auditable, and adaptable to your needs

Rocket TRUexchange は電子メールやFTPなど従来の方法に比べて優れたセキュリティーを実現します。 We use multiple levels of encryption throughout the file transfer process, including public and private-key pairs between both senders and recipients of documents and files. This ensures that only the intended parties can ever access those documents. すべてのデータは転送前にローカルPC上で暗号化され、受信側でもローカルPC上で復号化されるため、ファイルが安全に配信されます。

Rocket TRUexchange is a proven leader in sending files exceeding the typical file-size limitations of other delivery solutions, and in sending them quickly. Files exceeding 2GB are commonplace when working with product design data; Rocket TRUexchange has exclusive technology to manage these large files and achieve extremely rapid transfer speeds.

Organizations around the globe use Rocket TRUexchange to host private communities with additional encryption, approval, access control, and more. If you need a private community for working with customers, suppliers, and other partners, TRUexchange can help.


We deliver Rocket TRUexchange through a Software as a Service (Saas) model, connecting our solutions to thousands of customers on demand—over the Internet, any time, anywhere in the world. SaaSとエンタープライズ・アプリケーションのメリットを合わせることで、組織間の重要なビジネス・プロセスを自動化できます。

ログインして、相手先と接続すれば、簡単にRocket TRUexchangeを使うことができます。Sending and receiving even the largest files is just as easy, through a simple user interface. Your organization can start benefiting from Rocket TRUexchange immediately—there's virtually no learning curve.

Integration with Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise

Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise helps major manufacturers to manage and automate their product design data exchange with supply chain partners. TRUfusion Enterprise works alongside TRUexchange, giving customers an end-to-end solution, including the transfer of data, the translation between supported CAD formats, and the proper movement in and out of the PLM system. This combined solution streamlines both the movement of this design data and potentially labor-intensive processing between design tools and repositories.

Rocket B2B Supply Chain Integration solutions cover many areas, including engaging with suppliers in requests for quotation activities and providing partners with CAD data for design reference purposes. During the design process, we help partners with the bi-directional exchange of CAD data, which must often be kept in synch at both the manufacturer and partner sites, and we help manufacturers and partners tightly control the design change management process. 

Once the design cycle is complete, we help manufacturers and partners properly release CAD data for manufacture.

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