Rocket API Technical Specifications

Rocket API

Screen protocols Host platforms Data access support
IBM iSeries
  • 5250


  • 3270

ICL Mainframe

  • 7560-IRSIS
  • ICL-Forms
  • DFP


  • VT100
  • ADDS Viewpoint

Unix/Linux, Open VMS, DEC VAX

  • VT (vt52, vt100, vt220, vt320, vt420)
  • Wyse (Wyse50/Wyse60)
  • Prism
  • ADDS Viewpoint
  • Qume QVT
  • Televideo TVI

HP/Tandem NonStop

  • 6530

Power Systems

  • IBM i OS/400
  • Linux on Power
  • AIX


  • z/OS


HP/Tandem NonStop

  • NonStop OS

ICL Mainframe

  • VME


IBM i data access

  • Db2
  • JTOpen
  • Native OS/400 functionality

Rocket API Builder

オペレーティング・システム: ハード・ディスク容量 メモリー Software
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7(32-bit and 64-bit) 5 GB(最小)  5 GB (minimum) The Workbench includes Eclipse 4.4.2

Note: You must have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7 (minimum) installed to run Eclipse

Rocket API gateways and API gateway host connectors: UNIX/Linux

オペレーティング・システム: Other requirements
AIX: Version
6.1 HP-UX IA (Intel): Version 11.31
HP-UX RISC: Version 11.23
Linux x86
推奨:Red Hat Enterprise 3.0
Oracle JVM 1.7.0 and later
IBM JVM 1.7.0 and later
IBM JVM 1.7.0 and later - see specifications above

Rocket API gateways and API gateway host connectors: IBM i

オペレーティング・システム: Software Other requirements
V6R1M0 (minimum), V7R1,V7R2: we recommend keeping current with IBM support level
Physical and virtual/Paas server environments supported (see Virtualizations and Cloud below)
Java 2: Oracle JVM supported versions
IBM JVM and JDK 1.7.0 and later
TCP/IP サービス


Rocket API gateways and API gateway host connectors (5250, VT, 7561/Forms) Windows Version

Windows Versions Operating System メモリー ハード・ディスク容量 Software
 Windows 2012 R2 Server
Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit) Server System
2 GB RAM(最小)、4 GB 以上を推奨 2 GB(最小)

Java 2 - Oracle JVM-supported version

  • 1.7.0 in Rocket API
  • Gateway versions 2.1 and later IBM JVM 1.7