Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition)

Deploy apps into complex, multi-platform environments with confidence

Rocket® Aldon® Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition) lets you deploy applications into complex, multi-platform production environments faster, with fewer defects and deployment glitches, and with auditability for compliance.Automate your entire software development and delivery process–from requests to deployment.Meet business demands while improving software quality and developer productivity.

Complete Zend Lifecycle Management

Change management can be very difficult in multi-platform environments.If you have heterogeneous environments that include Microsoft® Windows®, web, mobile, UNIX, Linux, IBM® I (AS/400), and others, updating them all when you have internal software updates can be complicated and risky.The use of tools from different vendors combined with home-grown scripts may make it worse.Problems with these processes can cause production outages, software failures, and even revenue impacts.

Lack of automation is often a key culprit behind these challenges.With Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager, you can automatically track, accelerate, and streamline the build and release process, even across disparate platforms.Point-and-click package promotion, integrity assurance, package deployment and redeployment, build automation and history, and traceability all work to ensure success. 簡単な操作で、ファイルを複数のターゲット・プラットフォームにデプロイすることができ、一連の処理を完全にコントロールすることが可能です。  

Defined, automated, traceable processes help streamline and enforce your IT procedures and workflow.You can view and manage activities across geographically distributed or outsourced teams, all from one easily-accessed place. ターゲット・プラットフォームが多数あっても、リリースを頻繁に行っても、自動化により処理は確実に実行され、ソフトウェアの品質が劣化することはありません。 Aldon Lifecycle Manage があれば、変更管理はこわくありません。

Comprehensive view of all assets

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager を使えば、開発言語やプラットフォームに関わらず、アプリケーションのコンポーネントを容易に把握、管理することができます。 必要な情報を集中的に管理することにより、開発者が日々必要とする情報を提供し、同時にコンプライアンスを裏付ける監査情報を記録することができます。

C++、Java、RPG、COBOL などの言語を使用したり、Node.js、Ruby、PHP、HTML、JavaScript での開発なども管理できます。 Aldon Lifecycle Manager ではすべての要素が明確に表示・管理され同期されます。 Aldon Lifecycle Manager からコミットやデプロイのボタンを押せば、あとの処理は自動的に行われます。 コードはアプリケーションサーバーに、データベースの変更はデータベースへと、確実に正しいターゲットにデプロイされます。


With Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition), you'll be able to give your auditors exactly what they need, with automation and process tracking from the very first user request to final deployment of those updates in your software application. 開発者が行った処理は、すべてレポートにまとめられ記録されるため、管理者にとっても有益な情報がもたらされます。Customized dashboards and reports provide details of activities performed, including who performed them, when, and (most importantly) why.Your developers won't get derailed or distracted by compliance requests, keeping them more productive and focused.

Thorough web-based insight and reporting

Our web-based reporting provides real-time visibility and reporting of software development activity data.You can generate the reports you need for simplified audit compliance while also helping you deliver software on time.And with the Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Web Portal, as long as IT staff have their Android phone, iPhone, iPad or other mobile device handy, they can manage compliance requirements at a glance.

Your organization has complete visibility into your software development process.Business managers and non-technical users can see what’s happening, while separation of duties is enforced to protect the integrity of your processes.Business executives and development managers can work together in tracking, analyzing, and managing the backlog of change requirements and works in progress, ensuring that IT continues to deliver according to business priorities. 

Easily view management information at a glance, then drill down to the detail that you need.Select and run reports from one of our pre-packaged templates, or create customized reports to meet your needs.You can rapidly generate reports regarding task status, activity history, release setup, change request backlog items, permissions by release or by user, and lifecycle progress, so you can focus on the most pertinent information.

When the auditors arrive, you can easily and rapidly generate the reports they need to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Support your IDEs, tools, and applications

Rocket Aldon Application Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition) provides comprehensive support for the other enterprise platforms IBM i customers typically use: Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, Unix, web, and mobile.With automation, management, and visibility of development activity status across all platforms, your development teams can focus on project deliverables, continue use their preferred toolsets and environments, and avoid unnecessary distractions.

Our software’s flexible architecture supports even the most complex environments.Because Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager works with industry-standard platforms like Eclipse and SCCI, your users have the flexibility to choose the best tools for their IT needs.Aldon Lifecycle Manager also works easily with enterprise applications including Oracle® JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JDA, Infor System 21, Lawson and others.