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Narrow the MultiValue skills gap for your developers

There's more demand for skilled developers than ever before, and companies that rely on the Rocket MultiValue Application Platform are competing with others for new graduates. At the same time, experienced MultiValue developers are approaching retirement age. But new developers are skilled in Python and Java, not BASIC. How can you attract and retain the new talent you need and make it easier for them to support your MultiValue apps today and tomorrow?

Modern language support makes recruiting easier

We’re always looking for ways to bring new innovation to the Rocket MultiValue Application Platform. For example, we’re the only MultiValue provider that integrates support for the Python programming language, which is the most-taught language in computer science classes worldwide. That means new graduates and younger developers can create MultiValue functionality using a language that they already know, rather than forcing them to learn BASIC. They can develop entirely new applications in Python, or even use Python to access application logic written in BASIC. They can even use Python to add new or existing third-party packages to your existing MultiValue applications. That means you can better respond to customer needs and get new features to market quickly.

With Rocket MultiValue, developers get the best of both worlds: the legendary reliability, performance, simplicity and efficiency of MultiValue applications, with the look, feel and usability of today’s applications.

Maximize your investment with comprehensive training

We make it easy to introduce new developers to the Rocket MultiValue MultiValue Application Platforms, as well as keep your existing developers’ skills up to date. Training programs offered by Rocket or authorized training partners can be conducted on-site or online to accommodate different learning styles, different schedules, and different locations. Your developers can even build their résumés and gain recognition in the MultiValue community by taking the Rocket MultiValue Certification exam.

Real-time analytics and reporting made easy

Rocket® Discover is a self-service data preparation, visualization, and collaboration tool that helps you gain deeper insights from your MultiValue applications. Discover's end-to-end user experience speeds and simplifies data gathering and analysis so you can make more effective business decisions–faster. It works uniquely in concert with your MultiValue applications using a MultiValue MetaData Manager so you can easily transform your Rocket MV data into consumable business views, which can be leveraged to provide the insights your customers demand.

With self-service BI, executives and line-of-business owners don’t have to compete with developers or other colleagues for IT resources. Rocket Discover gives users a fast and easy way to visualize, explore, and share data. Users create their own reports and dashboards using a simple drag-and-drop interface, adding fields, sorting, filtering, and manipulating data as the need arises.

We're nurturing the next generation of MultiValue developers

Companies that rely on Rocket MultiValue can't afford to sit back and wait for students to discover the MultiValue platform on their own. That's why we’re constantly engaging with colleges and universities to raise awareness and enthusiasm for MultiValue technology among Millennials and Generation Z. For example, in 2017 we co-sponsored a competition in the United Kingdom with Rocket ISV partner APT Solutions to help introduce MultiValue technology to current university students. After the initial round we invited finalists to our headquarters in Waltham, MA. The students were able to explore Boston and participate in our annual Rocket.Build global hackathon. See what the winners had to say about their experience in the videos below.

APT Rocket.Build Finalist Eddie O’Donnell

APT Rocket.Build Finalist George Christen

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