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“Digital-first” business strategies are driving the fundamental reinvention of business processes, organizations, and even entire industries. An important part of this modernization drive is the existing workloads and databases that run on enterprise-class platforms, including what IDC refers to as high-end enterprise-class platforms, such as IBM® i .

Unfortunately, organizations quite often exclude these systems and their workloads and applications from their digital-first strategies. At best, they include a few applications or operations, while modernization of the rest of the platform is put on the back burner.

In this IDC Spotlight, Peter Rutten, Research Vice President, Performance Intensive Computing at IDC Research, Inc., discusses the importance of including IBM i in your digital-first strategy, including:

  • 12 key requirements for modernization
  • The benefits of modernizing on IBM i, such as the availability of developer languages and tools
  • 7 capabilities that empower organizations heading toward a “digital-first” environment