Service-enable older applications for today's programmers

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Today's developers know how to program using Python, Node.js, and Go, not COBOL, RPG and PL/1. But the web and mobile applications they're creating often need to access functionality written in these older languages. In this session, Hansa Iyengar, a Senior Analyst for Ovum Research, will discuss how today's developers can overcome the gap between their core competencies and the skills needed to create intuitive web and mobile applications that work with older code. Hansa will be joined by Robert Young, Director of Sales Engineering for Rocket Software.

In this webinar we’ll discuss how to:

  • Integrate core application functionality into new web and mobile applications without having to touch the underlying code
  • Give today's web and mobile developers the essential application functionality they need to access older applications
  • Take a UX-first approach to application development--even working with older applications and platforms