IBM Z Technical University

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October 08 - 12, 2017
The Westin Grand

IBM Systems Technical Universities are designed for technical development in IBM Systems and solutions including IBM® Z, IBM Power Systems™ and IBM Storage. These events include skill-building sessions, hands-on labs, onsite certification testing and a vibrant Solution Center.

Speaker: Mitch Dooley
Topic: IMS Backup and Recovery – Smarter, Faster, Stronger

Overview: When time is of the essence, you need a proven recovery solution you can count on. It’s the insurance policy that gets your business up and running, avoiding costly downtime and loss of revenue. These days recovery solutions need to be smart, and anticipate potential issues before they occur, so that when minutes matter, your systems are back on-line as quickly as possible. The IMS Tools Backup and Recovery Solution has been enhanced to intelligently provide better automation and validation of your IMS database environment. Come learn about the newest version of the IMS Recovery Solution Pack V2.1 and how it leverages environment data and automation to ensure you’re ready when you need it, from day-to-day image copies to disaster recovery, it has you covered for all your recovery needs.

Speaker: Ron Bisceglia
Topic: IMS Administration Tool V1.1 – The Cockpit for the Today’s IMS DBA

Overview: Today’s IMS DBA has more on their plate than ever before. From managing resources, to implementing new IMS technologies, to being able to report on changes and what happened when - it can be overwhelming. To stay ahead of the curve, the newly released IMS Administration Tool can help with all of this and much more. Manage your IMS DBD and PSB resources, report on your IMS Catalog and compare it to your current ACB libs, issue IMS commands, generate simple, task-based JCL for all your IMS maintenance needs, you can even use SQL statements to access your IMS data, and you can do it all from one tool. Come take a look and step inside the new IMS Admin Tool, see how you can take control, maximize your IMS investment, and meet your IMS responsibilities with ease – you’re about to take off!

Speaker: Rosemary Galvan
Topic: IMS Administration Tool 1.1 Hands-on-Lab ‐ New!

You’ve heard of the new IMS Administration Tool as the modern IMS DBA’s cockpit, now join this HOL and take the controls for yourself. You’ll be able to drive the Admin Tool’s intuitive Web interface and see firsthand how it supports the IMS catalog with comprehensive space usage and analysis reports, you’ll also be able to view and update IMS objects for real time change management, perform imports and exports of objects to and from the catalog, import schema from copybooks individually or in bulk, access IMS data interactively using SQL, generate simple task based JCL to drive IMS utilities and so much more. This is one hands-on-lab you don’t want to miss. Come take off with the new IMS Administration Tool!

Speaker: Ron Bisceglia
Topic: Modern IMS Management
Overview: It’s a new world for IMS, and today’s successful organizations need to be able to take advantage of it. There is a wealth of information that can truly modernize how you perform IMS systems management. From data management to data protection, the best path forward is to set the correct policies and let the system manage itself with the correct oversight and reporting so you always know the status of your systems. Come hear how to truly modernize you IMS system management.

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