Our retail customers provide the world with everything from food and clothing, to life-saving medication. They trust us to keep their infrastructure running at peak performance, so they can always give their customers the best shopping experiences.

Around the world and back again

Rocket Software solutions keep retail supply chains up and running. Our retail customers are helping their customers stock backyard barbecues, furnish first homes, host graduation and birthday parties, and fill shelves around the world. We help retailers offer consumers their favorite goods where they want them, how they want them. Offering powerful mobile and web experiences powered by Rocket, our retail customers give their employees and shoppers the experience they want on the devices they choose.

Bridge the skills gap to offer the latest user experiences

Your customers expect a shopping experience that’s easy and intuitive, both in-store and online. They also expect 24x7x365 availability—especially during peak seasons. We make it easy to integrate your legacy systems into modern web and mobile environments with a range of low-code/no-code tools and open-source development options. Now, your web and mobile developers can work with legacy data and applications using the languages and methods they already know.