Realtime visibility into your backups

Rocket Servergraph makes it easy to understand what’s happening in your backup environment, ensuring peak performance and avoiding capacity surprises. You can automate daily backups and alerts to isolate a problem before it affects your business while documenting adherence to SLAs. Build simple but powerful dashboards in minutes that empower your users with real-time data and the ability to customize as needed.

Why Rocket Servergraph?

  • Reduce number of IT tickets and time it takes to create reports to staff can focus on tasks with greater business impact
  • Identify and resolve problems before they affect your business
  • Simplify audit preparation
  • Improve storage capacity planning; realize an immediate ROI


“When we combine Servergraph with our MSP offering, we’ve been able to show our customers, on average, a 30-50 percent cost savings per year.”

— Darren Sanders
Principal Consultant

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