Identify and resolve issues before they affect performance

A single view of your backups facilitates troubleshooting, minimizing risks

Servergraph enables IT teams to better predict, prioritize and resolve issues before end users are affected while helping to document performance against corporate SLAs.

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Avoid costly outages

Running out of capacity can affect overall application availability and performance. Servergraph ensures storage devices are not the root cause of performance issues by continuously monitoring and forecasting storage performance usage, across more than 30+ different data protection environments and storage devices, including VTLs, schedulers, tape, and disks. A centralized console — “single pane of glass” delivers comprehensive, end-to-end reporting on business units, geos, and other key assets. 

At the click of a mouse you can identify root cause at-a-glance and drilldown into performance details.

Color-coded status makes it easy to isolate and address problem areas

Servergraph extends the value of IBM TSM reporting in multi-vendor environments where IT teams traditionally have struggled to produce meaningful reports on backup status with different schedulers and assets beyond IBM.

Historic trending graphs help IT staff spot trends and make more informed decisions about capacity purchases so that IT is able to get out of reactive mode and reallocate their time to more strategic initiatives.

Comprehensive information about "one node", including its "fundamentals", backup status, and retention policies, etc.