What's New in Rocket LegaSuite

Key highlights for the latest Rocket LegaSuite Web release include:

  • Centralized license management
  • Streamlined deployments
  • Composite web application project
  • Unicode support
  • Java 11 support

Rocket LegaSuite Web 8.3

Centralized license management (beta)

To simplify license management, we’re now providing the Access and Connectivity Hub module from Rocket API with LegaSuite Web. Once the Hub is installed and configured administrators can use it to manage licensing for web engines, without the need to license individual LegaSuite web engine instances.

Composite Web Application Project

Some projects are comprised of multiple components, which complicates deployment. This release makes it simple to combine LegaSuite Web UI and Web Theme projects into one composite LegaSuite Web application, which can be easily deployed using the newly added Access and Connectivity Hub.

Java 11 Support

To keep pace with evolution in the Java world, the Java 11 Development Kit, is now supported in this release for the LegaSuite Web client and the LegaSuite GUI Java client. The minimum Java requirement is Java 8. Prior to this release, the Web client supported Java 11 in earlier releases.

Streamlined deployments (beta)

To make it easier to deploy applications in this release, the Access and Connectivity Hub can be used to publish new versions of your web application from the Builder to the Hub, and deploy to the web engine and servlet of your choice. Deploy applications with the click of a button.

Unicode support for applications on IBM i

For expanded language support, LegaSuite Web and LegaSuite GUI will now support your Unicode-enabled host applications running on IBM i.