What’s new in Rocket Aldon

Key highlights for the latest Rocket® Aldon® Lifecycle Manager and Ops Portal releases include:

  • Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM® i edition) 8.4
  • Rocket Aldon Ops Portal 3.4 for IBM i
  • Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise edition) 6.6B for IBM i
  • Rocket Aldon Eclipse Plugin 8.2.402

Rocket Aldon: A leader in ALM and DevOps

For decades, we’ve helped customers build smart ALM and DevOps strategies for their development environments. Our goal is to deliver the platform tools and integrations you need to create DevOps environment that makes sense for your organizations’ workflows and applications. With Rocket Aldon, you can have the best of both worlds:

  • Comprehensive IBM i support within continuous integration/continuous deployment (CICD), process enforcement and workflow automation, and audit and regulatory compliance
  • Power and flexibility of open source and modern ALM solutions

Highlights are available below:

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition) highlights

Rocket Aldon LMi 8.4 strengthens your DevOps processes with the addition of even more supported systems and tools, the ability to work with larger data sets, and enhancements to performance, recoverability, and database manageability.

  • Support for x-analysis 13; IBM i 7.4
  • Support for partitioned tables for large datasets

Rocket Aldon Ops Portal 3.4 for IBM i highlights

This release includes performance and user experience improvements to help drive transparency and alignment across teams.

  • New UI for more intuitive deployment installation report with deploy verification check
  • Improved pagination for task page

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition) (LMe) Highlights

This Rocket Aldon LMe release improves on the developer experience by giving you the ability to verify both native IBM i and file system deployments. Aldon is the only ALM solution that provides this capability.