With more than 80% of credit card transactions processed by mainframes, our financial services and banking customers form the backbone of the global economy. They help deliver paychecks, protect retirement investments, and everything in-between. Learn how we help financial services and banking customers handle anything the market throws at them.

Financing the future

When your customers save for their futures, Rocket Software is there. When they take out a mortgage, pay for a friend’s coffee or finance their dream vacation, we’re there too.

With Rocket solutions in their back-end, our customers help consumers reach their financial goals every day. They’re helping families buy homes, go to college, travel the world, and start their own businesses—while keeping every savings account secure and available. The critical business applications that power these possibilities are there when we need them thanks to the resilience and support built into every Rocket solution.

Bridge the skills gap to offer the latest user experiences

Your customers expect a banking experience that’s easy and intuitive, whether that’s in a branch location, over the phone, or online. They also expect secure, 24x7x365 availability to accounts and balances. We make it easy to integrate your legacy systems into modern web and mobile environments with a range of low-code/no-code tools and open-source development options. Now, your web and mobile developers can work with legacy data and applications using the languages and methodologies they already know.