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    Rocket AS

    Query, reporting, visualization and application development for IBM Z

    Rocket AS Client

    A modern, highly customizable GUI for Rocket AS

    Rocket AS Multiplatform

    Deliver IBM Z BI applications anywhere

    Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulation

    Extend access to existing applications quickly and easily at lower cost

    Rocket DASD Backup Supervisor

    Complete data protection assurance for IBM® z/OS® environments

    Rocket DR/Xpert

    Disaster recovery assurance through automation

    Rocket File Encryption for z/OS

    Fast and flexible encryption for mainframe data sets

    Rocket Key Bridge for IBM ICSF and RSA Key Manager for z/OS

    Streamline mainframe key management and auditing for improved compliance

    Rocket LDAP Bridge for z/OS

    Tap mainframe security databases with bi-directional password synch

    Rocket Mainstar Backup and Recovery Manager Suite

    Reduce backup time by 40%-60% and speed disaster recovery

    Rocket Mainstar Catalog RecoveryPlus

    Improve business resiliency for IBM® z/OS® through ICF catalog management

    Rocket Mainstar HSM Reporter/Manager

    Ensure business continuity with proactive mainframe storage management

    Rocket Mainstar Clone and Rename for IMS

    Simplify and automate data cloning for your entire IMS subsystem

    Rocket Mainstar Database Backup and Recovery for Db2

    Ensure data resiliency with simplified IBM® Db2® backup, recovery and disaster recovery on z/OS®

    Rocket Mainstar Database Backup and Recovery for IMS

    Simplify IMS backup, recovery, and disaster recovery operations for z/OS

    Rocket Mainstar FastAudit

    Ensure data integrity with fast, accurate meta data audits

    Rocket Mainstar MXI for z/OS

    Monitor IBM® z/OS® systems for fast problem identification and resolution

    Rocket Mainstar Volume Clone and Rename for Db2

    Clone IBM® Db2® subsystems in minutes instead of days

    Rocket Model 204

    Extend IBM® z Systems® data to more users and applications

    Rocket Managed Key Encryption for RSA Key Manager for z/OS

    Protect sensitive personal data on your mainframe and ensure compliance

    Rocket Performance Essential

    Reduce batch processing time for IBM Z mainframes

    Rocket TeraSAM

    Improve application performance and efficiency through VSAM

    Rocket VSAM Assist

    Improve backup, recovery and migration performance for VSAM applications

    Rocket VSAM Quick Index

    Improve data availability without adding resources