Rocket Performance Essential

Reduce batch processing time for IBM Z mainframes

If you’re at risk of exceeding the batch windows allowed by sub-capacity licenses or are struggling to meet internal SLAs, the looming costs to stay in compliance can be budget-breaking. Rocket® Performance Essential can eliminate many batch performance concerns by optimizing I/O efficiency automatically. Within just hours of installing Performance Essential, you could reduce I/O by up to 90%.

Contact us for an analysis of how Performance Essential can help you. Our Application Performance Analyzer (APA) will automatically analyze your batch data and predict how much Performance Essential will be able to reduce EXCPs. All you need is one month of SMF data (the APA uses SMF data records 14, 15, 30, and 64 as input). Below are two real examples of the projected savings the APA reported for Rocket customers, looking at both VSAM and non-VSAM EXCPs:

VSAM EXCPS for Dataset Loads in Candidate List
Actual 62,673,380
Projected with Load Component 4,051
Savings with Load Component 62,669,329
Percentage Savings 99%
Non-VSAM EXCPS in Candidate List
Actual 65,813,022
Projected with NVSAM Component 16,092,867
Savings with NVSAM Component 49,720,155
Percentage Savings 75%

Why Rocket Performance Essential?

  • Protect your IT budget from unexpected license and hardware costs
  • Meet the demands of today’s business by reducing I/Os up to 90%
  • Reduce batch processing time by up to 75%

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