Rocket Performance Essential

Increase data availability for IBM z Systems

Rocket® Performance Essential software significantly improves IBM® z Systems® overall batch processing performance with improved storage utilization.IT organizations can improve user access to data without the need to manually modify applications.Within just hours of installing Performance Essential, you can decrease resource consumption.

Rocket Mainframe Solutions
Optimize IBM z Systems performance

With Rocket Performance Essential, your mainframe environment operate more efficiently, automatically and continuously.You’ll lower system overhead without modifying applications and increase data center and end-user productivity.As an added bonus, you'll reduce costs by eliminating manual performance analysis and extending the life of critical applications.

Automation dynamically optimizes buffer allocations for VSAM and non-VSAM data sets, enabling you to reduce EXCP counts without the need for manual analysis of data access definitions and application usage patterns.This results in a significant reduction in elapsed batch times.


Protect your sub-capacity license agreements

Sub-capacity license agreements often require batch jobs to be completed in four hours or less. As data volumes increase, it may be difficult for some jobs to complete within that window. If you go over, your agreement may revert to a full-capacity license, costing you millions in additional license fees.

By optimizing batch I/O automatically, Performance Essential can cut batch job resource consumption and shorten the time required for jobs to complete, without requiring manual intervention from your mainframe performance team. If you’re in danger of exceeding your sub-capacity license limits, the cost savings can be dramatic.

Optimize both VSAM and non-VSAM data sets

Performance Essential optimizes batch jobs for both VSAM and non-VSAM data sets, often resulting in significant resource and time savings. It optimizes buffer allocations automatically and dynamically, enabling you to reduce EXCP counts by up to 90% without the need to analyze data access definitions and application usage patterns manually. This helps reduce processing time by up to 75%, without putting additional burden on your mainframe performance team.

With Performance Essential, your IT staff and mainframe resources will be free to focus on growth-based initiatives.

Batches without Performance Essential

Small buffer size → Many I/O operations

  • Low performance
  • System not utilized to its maximum capacity