Rocket System 1032

The high-speed database for OpenVMS applications

Rocket® System 1032 is a high-performance DBMS and application development environment for the OpenVMS user community. Because System 1032 takes full advantage of the OpenVMS operating system, its performance is unbeatable for many applications.

Rocket Mainframe

Extreme database performance for VMS systems

With Rocket System 1032, you can take on the most challenging and complex applications with confidence. Enjoy rapid querying, even when working with extraordinarily large amounts of data. Our System 1032 database engine is coupled with a robust 4GL, called PL1032, giving you the tools and flexibility you need to create high-performing, scalable applications.

Extend System 1032 data to every corner of the enterprise, and take advantage of Microsoft® Windows® applications and client/server architectures by using the System 1032 ODBC and JDBC Drivers.

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