Rocket LegaSuite GUI

Go from green screen to GUI, quickly and cost effectively

Sie sind auf geschäftskritische Anwendungen angewiesen, um Ihr Unternehmen führen zu können. Now you can deliver your green-screen applications to GUI, web, and mobile clients that your employees, partners ,and customers can access any time, from anywhere.

Rocket® LegaSuite® GUI software lets you reuse just about any green-screen application.

Modernize, your way

Quickly create dynamic web GUIs from existing application green-screens. Invest a little more time and add new functionality, improve application workflow, and integrate with databases and web and desktop applications. Rocket LegaSuite GUI lets you modernize what you need and ignore what you don’t.

Kein Entwickler sollte allein arbeiten. Rocket LegaSuite is built from the ground up to support team-based solution development when transforming green-screens to GUI, web and mobile clients. Extend the benefits to your application users too—LegaSuite provides a variety of collaborative features for users including email notifications and SMS integration.

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