Rocket EDX

EDI as a service, for cost savings and efficiency

The on-demand Rocket® EDX solution brings Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to your business as an easy-to-use service. There's no need for complex implementations or internal support. You'll get faster data exchange, increased visibility into your daily transactions, reduced costs, and the confidence that errors haven't been introduced by a manual data entry process.

Supply Chain Integration

Managed EDI and supply chain integration

Challenged with integrating data transactions between your manufacturing, supplier, or retail partners across the globe? Every day, global manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, retail, and consumer goods industries use Rocket EDX on-demand EDI technology to complete transactions with their trading partners.

With Rocket EDX, you automatically send and process business transactions between your enterprise and trading partners using EDI. You’ll meet the EDI requirements of your current and future trading partners, and your document exchange process and protocols will be in compliance with the EDI standards of your organization and your partners. Rocket solutions provide automation with your existing ERP system, delivering the benefits of unified data exchange protocols and processes across your entire manufacturing organization. Our solution is quickly implemented, and easily configurable both for mapping and translation. It affords you faster data exchange, lower costs, and increased data visibility—allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Rocket EDX Benefits:

  • Enables sharing of data from ERP system with partners
  • Facilitates rapid on-boarding of new partners and suppliers, via a web-based portal
  • Simplifies the exchange data with EDI and non-EDI enabled partners, regardless of time, location, or system configuration
  • Helps to reinforce compliance with industry requirements
  • Provides support for all common communications protocols and standards
  • Checks mapping, translation, and compliance on all EDI transactions
  • Processes transactions across multiple systems and geographies rapidly
  • Increases visibility into your transactions with a browser-based dashboard
  • An OFTP2 and AS2 compliant solution
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