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From Mainframes To Mobile

For more than 28 years, Rocket Software has been developing software solutions that help global organizations run their critical infrastructure and innovate for the future.



Schliessen Sie mehr IT-Projekte ab. Pünktlich und mit weniger Risiko
Deploy apps into complex, multi-platform environments with confidence
Automate your software release deployment processes
Deliver better applications and more-responsive service to business users
Software insight and reporting for IT compliance
Smart management for unstructured data
Query, reporting, visualization and application development for IBM Z
Integrieren Sie vorhandene Anwendungen in neue Web- und Mobilerlebnisse
Deliver IBM Z BI applications anywhere
Get critical software to market faster and easier
Software DevOps and change management for MultiValue


Vereinfachen Sie den Mainframe-Zugriff auf kritische Daten und Anwendungen überall und jederzeit
Umfassende Terminalemulation zu einem Bruchteil der Kosten


Enable critical business decision-making
Automate corporate performance management
Automate enterprise risk management
Powerful encryption and compliance solutions
Automates the copy export process


DASD full volume backup & recovery and local dataset recovery
Sicherung von Disaster Recovery durch Automatisierung.
The DBMS you can count on
The fastest way to get to Oracle® databases from Rocket D3 DBMS
Connect Rocket D3 applications to RDBMS tables anywhere


EDI as a service, for cost savings and efficiency
Secure transfer of design and engineering files and business data


Fast and flexible encryption for mainframe data sets
Take your MultiValue applications to the web
Multi-user desktop content publishing and search platform


Web-enable performance reporting—no training required
Eliminate HSM processing delays


Cost-effective high availability and disaster recovery for IBM i
Business continuity and disaster recovery for IBM Power & PureFlex systems


Streamline mainframe key management and auditing for improved compliance


Go from green screen to GUI, quickly and cost effectively
Tap mainframe security databases with bi-directional password sync
Easy HTML5 web application development for enterprise systems
Extend Application Lifecycle Management & DevOps to mobile development


Reduce backup time by 40%-60% and speed disaster recovery
Minimize risk with uninterrupted access to data
Sorgen Sie für Kontinuität Ihrer Geschäftsprozesse mit proaktiver Mainframe-Speicherverwaltung.
Simplify and automate data cloning for your entire IMS subsystem
Simplify Db2 backup, recovery, and disaster recovery operations on z/OS
Simplify IMS backup, recovery, and disaster recovery operations for z/OS
Prevent data loss in your IBM z/OS environment
Monitor z/OS systems for optimum efficiency
Clone Db2 subsystems in minutes instead of days
Protect sensitive personal data on your mainframe and ensure compliance
High-performance web and mobile application development
The easy-to-use transaction database
Modernization, enhanced performance, and 24x7x365 uptime


Automated 24x7 management of networks, servers, and applications
Make your content accessible and secure


Reduce batch processing time for IBM Z mainframes
Host and browser-based terminal emulation


FTP replacement and secure file sharing for your enterprise data


Fast track application development
The high-speed database for OpenVMS applications
Expand visibility into your entire backup environment
Real-time storage and data protection visibility across IBM® i environments


Automate tape migration, virtual tape upgrades and consolidation
Improve application performance and efficiency
Arbeiten Sie sicher und produktiv mit Partnern zusammen
Automated, traceable, secure CAD and PLM data exchange


Fast, flexible, resilient data management and app development
Rapid object-based interface for U2
Standard drivers and native APIs for Rocket U2 databases
Comprehensive .NET interfaces for U2 database servers
Equip yourself for application success
Comprehensive .NET interfaces for U2 database servers
Rapid object-based interface for U2
Standard drivers and native APIs for Rocket U2 databases


Tapeless virtual tape library with data recoverability
Erhalten Sie den größten ROI Ihrer Investitionen in Virtual Tape.
Slash run times for batch workloads
Improve backup, recovery, and migration performance for VSAM applications
Improve data availability without adding resources


Quickly integrate, renovate, or transform character-based applications
Quickly integrate, renovate, or transform character-based applications