IBM z Systems – Move analytics closer to the data

Unlock the power of mainframe data for enhanced customer insight

When you’re armed with better insights, you can improve customer engagement and develop more targeted, timely offers that grow revenue.In the past, hours spent moving data off the mainframe for analysis was the norm.But today, customers and analysts expect immediate access to data.With data virtualization, mainframe data is available in real time for analysis alongside other enterprise data.

Leverage real-time insight to attract and retain customers

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s harder to attract and retain customers.Many business leaders have turned to real-time data and analytics to help them identify customer preferences and better target marketing efforts.

Older data architectures lack the agility to integrate multiple data formats (mainframe, relational, unstructured) in real time.Rocket Data Virtualization (RDV) unlocks mainframe data to deliver more comprehensive, real-time customer insights that companies need to engage customers with well-timed offerings.With RDV, business leaders can now use enterprise data for competitive advantage to better understand their customers, build loyalty, and increase sales.