IBM i – Connect and integrate faster with secure, flexible APIs

Seize opportunities faster by unlocking the value of your existing systems

Rocket® API software helps you rapidly transform and integrate existing systems with any new enterprise technology, including mobile and web-based applications—without additional coding, and with zero changes to your critical business applications.Repurpose your green-screen applications into new RESTful APIs that enable you to deliver new web, mobile or cloud applications faster.

APIs — The Keys to Digital Transformation
APIs to Drive Innovation and Accelerate Integration

Customers and employees want to engage with your business from anywhere, on any device.Rocket API helps you meet these expectations, without the risks of rewriting or re-coding your existing enterprise applications for new platforms.It creates APIs for the workflows of any green-screen-based application, SQL, Web Services, or other data source, enabling you to integrate those capabilities as features in web and mobile apps—in a way that is completely transparent to users.

Customers and employees get the data and capabilities they need, while you avoid the risk and time of rebuilding your enterprise application portfolio.