IBM i Solutions

Get to mobile and web fast—no coding required

Unlock the power of all your IBM i applications and data

Today's customers expect digital experiences that connect them directly with your organization, and meeting this expectation makes you easier to do business with and more competitive.The challenge? Quickly transforming your reliable IBM i applications to build on the business knowledge embedded in them, without putting them at risk or interrupting the normal operation of your business.

APIs — The Keys to Digital Transformation
Digital transformation without rewriting or replacing your applications

Being first to market with new digital and mobile experiences can help you leapfrog the competition.Rocket IBM i solutions automate the process of creating new digital experiences from your IBM i applications and data.We can help you easily turn your existing IBM i applications into modern web, mobile, or hybrid applications that run in any browser or deploy to any iOS, Android, or Windows smartphone or tablet.

Your developers can create granular, reusable, and shareable services from your 5250 screen applications, deploy them via our built-in API gateway, and use them to create modern, lightweight digital experiences.Rocket simplifies the process ofencapsulating complex workflows as services—even for developers who have never seen a green screen.

Unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten

Combine your IBM i application-based services with external services, such as weather reports, maps, or social media feeds.Create APIs for your processes and embed them in customer or partner applications, or publish them to the world to broaden your market opportunities.Provide a single mobile app that serves multiple user groups (employees, managers) with secure access to different capabilities.

Behind the scenes, Rocket manages the interaction between web technology and your IBM i back end, converts IBM i subfiles into web or mobile lists, handles session management and resume, and provides security and access management.