MultiValue Application Platform

High-performance solutions for today’s fast-paced world

Get faster access to your data

Performance and responsiveness matter.Your business users and customers don’t want to wait when they’re trying to get their jobs done or shop online.At the same time, your developers don’t want to spend weeks building new applications when market opportunities can pass by in days—or hours.They need a platform that makes it easy for them to quickly deliver applications customers are demanding.

Rocket DBMS und Anwendungsserver
Fewer I/O operations and faster access to your data

Rocket DBMS and Application Servers can help you serve your customers with fast, responsive applications.They’re very efficient in how they access data, with a direct-read capability that results in fewer I/O operations and faster access to your data. 

The Rocket MultiValue DBMS platforms allocate table space automatically and dynamically, to optimize performance and minimize performance-sapping disk usage.Our Model 204 DBMS delivers high-performance, high-capacity, and high-volume data management, to ensure that applications built with M204 are responsive and scalable.

The application development environment is also efficient and fast.Rapid application development (RAD) tools accelerate application development, and feature an intuitive developer interface.The queries and interfaces for .NET, Java and other APIs and protocols perform well, streamlining the process of coding and testing.

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