Application Lifecycle Management und DevOps

Find and fix problems—before they end up in production

Keep errors out of production, reduce outages, and preserve your reputation

It’s every developer’s worst nightmare—a defect that was identified and addressed in the quality assurance process somehow manages to make it into production.Not only do you have to scramble to fix the problem and release a patch, but you also risk dissatisfied customers and lasting damage to your company’s reputation.

ALM & DevOps
Reduce human error by automating your build, promotion, and release process

Version control tools give you the ability to manage software versioning through check-outs, commits, merges and check-ins, but they can't help with the build, promotion, and release process.Rocket® Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps solutions automate the entire application lifecycle process by moving the release packages through the appropriate stages of your processes and deploying the required files to the appropriate targets at each stage—without requiring manual administration.

From the time a source change is committed, Rocket solutions track, manage, and deploy your application via automated workflows and processes modeled on your best practices, initiating builds and importing build results to the Rocket ALM repository before deploying them to the appropriate targets.Automated release management and deployment can help reduce production outages by ensuring all the right parts get to the right places at the right time.

You can see, capture, promote, approve, and report on changes in the software development lifecycle—from anywhere, using our web portal.With our complete version control flexibility, your developers can use any version control system they want, whether it’s the included Rocket ALM and DevOps version control function or a third-party tool.By eliminating manual processes, you’ll speed time to market while improving software quality.