Be our guest at one of our upcoming global events, “Digital Transformation and IBM i”.

Join us for an opportunity to network with your local IBM i community and to learn how to create a modernization strategy that will keep IBM i central to high-profile development projects.

We’ll give you new insight into ways you can:

  • Stay competitive and attract top-tier engineering talent by incorporating the latest languages and skillsets for IBM i, including node.js, Ruby, .Net, Java and more
  • Increase customer service and improve productivity for employees, customers and partners by converting green screens into user-friendly web or mobile UIs.
  • Reduce time to market for new business services enablement. Don’t recode older applications—transform, re-use, and repurpose them.
  • Manage complex heterogeneous environments that include IBM i core applications, web components, mobile applications and web services.

We're keeping these gatherings small, so please RSVP so we can save your place at the table!

Frankfurt, DE
April 26,  2017
London, GB
June 21,  2017


Bruxelles, BR
June 22,  2017