Pernod Ricard Group

Digital transformation of 200-year-old brand
Food Distribution
The Pernod Ricard Group is an illustrious name in the wine and spirits industry, with a premium portfolio including labels like Chivas, Absolut, Martell, Ricard, Mumm and Perrier-Jouet. The group’s thriving global operations consist of 90 subsidiaries across 100 production sites in 80 countries, employing over 19,000 employees to date. To maintain high standards of quality and meet the growing demand for its premium products, the group utilizes its Spirit/1 software to assist the distillation, maturation, and blending processes of its many cellars.
With far-flung operations and natural maturation processes spanning years, Pernod Ricard wanted to create a more efficient and modern way to collect and manage process data. While digital transformation in an office or warehouse environment is difficult and time-consuming by nature, the IT team faced an entirely new problem when it came to cellar operations: a truly combustible work environment. With each cask now carrying a barcode, the team wanted to track the spirits’ key characteristics and location throughout its lifecycle, ultimately allowing them to release products with the quality and consistency customers expect. They needed a way to do this without the use of networks and typical computer hardware which would increase the risk of fires and jeopardize the safety of their staff.
“Implementing the offline scans, for example, required a very sharp and pointed expertise for which we preferred to turn to Uniface,” Jean Jacques Delavaud, Head of Competency Center SFDC-Spirit/1 at Pernod Ricard.