Customer Case Studies

Global Financial Institution

Achieved an end-to-end view of data and its movements
Global Systemically Important Financial Institution (GSIFI)
With 2,000+ applications from asset servicing to treasury services, it was imperative for this firm to know and define enterprise data provenance. The firm required mature capabilities to fully integrate data governance metadata rather than apply it to only a single function.
  • New visibility into 1,500 systems and thousands of critical data elements across 15 disparate lines of business
  • Enhanced scanning capabilities enable an automated stitching rate of 87% - a 30% increase since program inception
  • Automated discovery of LIBOR across 150 applications within 11 weeks
Data lineage is crucial to compliance, but beyond that, it’s essential to obtaining the data-driven insights our organization needs. We need to trust our data to make informed, strategic decisions, which means we need to be able to find it, understand it, and know it’s accurate. This project, in partnership with Rocket, has helped us establish that trust in our data.
A member of the Large Financial Services Firm’s data governance team