F500 Global Insurance Firm

Harnesses Data Growth and Drives Regulatory Compliance
This Fortune 500 global insurance firm headquartered in North America with tens of thousands of employees in 30 countries tripled its domestic business and grew its international business by a factor of more than six over a period of 14 years. During that time, the company enjoyed a 10 percent annual growth rate and weathered the economic storms of the 2000s.
New federal and state laws as well as litigations prompted executives, underwriters, lawyers, and regulators of insurance firms to demand more access to data from IT departments than ever before. In addition to managing records in accordance with the firm's policies, the firm needed to produce documents ranging from policy-drafting histories, to communications with other insurers, to claims manuals and guidelines.
  • Simplified management of file systems and data infrastructure
  • Enabled systematic policy implementation and execution
  • Facilitated compliance to reduce legal risks
  • Data Management and File Systems Archiving
Bottom line, Rocket Arkivio is an essential software solution for any company in a regulated industry like ours.
Senior IT Project Manager
Fortune 500 Global Insurance Firm
North America