EVCO Plastics

Supplying critical components for consumer product industries
Industrial & Manufacturing
Founded in 1964, EVCO Plastics counts many of the world’s top brands as customers. EVCO acts as an extension of their customers’ businesses, providing the personalized value the company was built upon.
Rules and regulations are the norm in manufacturing, whether it’s workplace safety or complying with manufacturing standards. Failing to comply or keep up change often results in lower margins and revenue. Trading partners have high expectations because the old adage ‘time is money’ couldn’t be more true for this industry. When they are forced to pause and verify when components will reach a manufacturing plant, or shipments arrive in unanticipated packaging or quantities, outputs and margins are negatively affected. Just-in-time operations extend beyond the physical shipment of goods: Data is what drives process efficiency. While EVCO are experts in building components for many high-tech industries, electronic data interchange (EDI) is a process in which they have limited expertise. “EDI standards are far from standard,” notes Dave Wollin, Applications Specialist at EVCO. “Our IT and service teams do a great job of making sure we meet customer needs, but even when we can see a problem with an order, it’s difficult to figure out how it happened or how to fix it. The urgency to resolve these issues is high when they occur.” EVCO’s culture and strong customer focus mean their team is often embedded with clients, working on solutions that deliver better results and cost savings, and ancillary processes such as EDI can be a distraction. Vicki Herbers, Customer Service Manager at EVCO, explains, “Our core business is to make our clients successful by providing innovative, low-cost solutions. While we’re well aware of the impact of poor or late communications, it’s something we can’t afford to be experts in or to waste time on. I’ve been working with EDI for years and have familiarity with the data and standards, but I want my team focused where they can add the most value.” While EDI includes a variety of messaging standards, requirements vary from customer to customer, as do the systems they use to create or ingest this information. With their business growing rapidly, EVCO knew they couldn’t waste time creating or managing an EDI solution, but they recognized the critical need for seamless integration with their customers, partners, and suppliers to grow efficiently and keep clients happy.
  • Rocket EDX and their wraparound services augment EVCO’s own staff, allowing them to focus on managing and growing customer relationships
  • EVCO efficiently onboards new customers by leveraging Rocket’s decades of experience in EDI and the relationships developed with many of the world’s largest trading partners and logistics firms
  • Highly instrumented workflows quickly detect and anticipate issues and provide the opportunity to recover before SLAs are negatively impacted
  • By leveraging a SaaS solution, EVCO has greatly reduced their IT overhead and eliminated the need to manage compliance as systems, processes, and security standards evolve
We’ve reduced processing times from hours to minutes, and we’re doing the job with much higher quality.

Vicki Herbers
Customer Service Manager, EVCO