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MVS Toolkit Version 2.23.2

April 21, 2022

The Rocket® D3 MVS Toolkit (MVSTK) enables developers to easily create and deploy MultiValue web services for the Rocket D3 DBMS, exposing Pick/BASIC subroutines and Access queries[...]

Please Vote For Rocket Software MultiValue Suite

April 14, 2022

Voting for DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards is open now through Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

Rocket Software is proud to have Rocket Software MultiValue Suite (D3, UniVerse, UniData, jBASE[...]

Rocket Survey
by Jeff Cherrington

March 29, 2022

Today, Rocket Software released its 2022 Survey Report: The State of the Mainframe, which surveyed over 500 U.S. IT professionals in firms using mainframes to uncover their[...]

Rocket Multivalue & Zumasys Product Alignment | Webinar
by Kathy Larson

March 9, 2022

Since acquiring products from Zumasys in October 2021, Rocket’s MultiValue product management team has been hard at work, building a plan for the acquisitions.

Please join us on[...]

Rocket's Commitment
by Peter Fandel

March 4, 2022

This week, Rocket unveiled an updated Rocket® Open AppDev for zSystems solution, which breaks down existing siloes to unify DevOps for all platforms, including the mainframe, in a[...]

Remote Work Has Exposed Inefficiencies
Content and Data
by Lilac Schoenbeck

February 25, 2022

At this point, likely every organization has realized that remote work requires new processes and strategies to accomplish the tasks teams were once doing in person. With these[...]

Hybrid Everything
by Milan Shetti

January 13, 2022

There may be several different associations that come to mind when we hear the word hybrid, but essentially, they all refer to a combination of multiple elements coming together to[...]

How One Company Literally Transformed Their Business Using MVIS

January 12, 2022

As the new MultiValue Evangelist it’s been exciting to see how more and more organizations are coming to the realization that MVIS can literally transform their business. Before I[...]

Content and Data
by Dihan Rosenburg

If you want your company to be data-driven – and who doesn’t? – automated data lineage is a crucial capability for your arsenal!