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Rocket Software in Nashville: Recapping Our Customer Forum

Rocket Software

November 9, 2023

At Rocket Software, we talk a lot about modernization without disruption. The key to making that modernization happen lies with the solutions and services we deliver to our customers. Part of what makes those solutions and offerings effective is feedback from our customers about their needs and the challenges they face. Having an open dialogue with customers is crucial, which is why we regularly hold customer forums where the Rocket Software leadership meets with customers, shares updates, and engages in conversations on everything from industry trends to new product offerings.

vThis time, we took our team to Nashville for an incredible event at the National Museum of African American Music. Joined by partner Mainline Information Systems, we had the opportunity to connect with and hear from our customers. The event was an exciting gathering of organizational leaders from a wide variety of industries and included deep discussions and presentations from Rocket Software leadership. With such a wide spectrum of customers on hand, we saw considerable enthusiasm from folks stepping out of their specific mainframe swim lanes to learn about new solutions and capabilities.

Here are a few of the things we learned from our time in Nashville.

Businesses are Trying to Do More With Less

One of the biggest challenges facing our customers came down to budget constraints. The need for digital transformation and modernization is clear, but uncertain economic factors have left many businesses in a tough spot. Dealing with that uncertainty often means budgets are reduced across the board. And as a result, IT leaders are being asked to find any way to make operations more efficient, effectively doing more with less. Many of the trends and topics that have dominated the mainframe world, and the IT space more broadly, like hybrid cloud and DevOps, were also widely discussed during the event.

But for many customers, an important part of maximizing efficiency and getting the most out of their operations starts with their existing data. Throughout the event, one theme that came through consistently was the need for data modernization. Data and content management tools that empower businesses to make better, more informed decisions were of great interest. This includes newer solutions, like Rocket Data Intelligence, as well as the full Rocket Content Services suite of solutions.

What to Do About AI

Artificial intelligence has burst onto the technology scene in the last few years, with businesses looking at various ways they can incorporate it into day-to-day operations. For businesses that are increasingly under budget constraints, AI can present opportunities to power automation that can reduce workloads and eliminate tedious, manual tasks. But, for all the enthusiasm around its use, there is still a significant amount of concern about the risk that comes with AI. When it comes to mainframe security, AI presents new challenges related to insider threats and credentialing that could allow attackers to identify new means of entry into critical systems. Moving forward, getting a handle on exactly what the role of AI should be in businesses will be a critical topic of conversation.

Modernization Still Has Momentum

Looking back at our time in Nashville, it’s clear that Rocket Software customers are excited about the future of our solutions portfolio and are fully prepared to continue marching ahead with mission-critical modernization projects. In engaging with customers, we were encouraged to see the level of interest not just in specific product offerings, but in the full breadth of the Rocket Software portfolio. In sharing our vision with every attendee, we are excited to continue delivering successful transformation to our customers.

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