New process for obtaining an authorization key (aka license key) for Rocket® OpenQM™

May 9, 2023

We’ve changed how our OpenQM customers obtain an authorization key (license key) for their Rocket OpenQM solution. If you’re an OpenQM customer used to visiting to request a license key or if you contact Rocket directly for a key, please note that moving forward, you’ll now use Rocket Business Connect (RBC) to self-serve.

RBC, a proven Rocket® UniData®-based application, allows Rocket MultiValue, including OpenQM, partners and customers to:

  • Easily self-serve and obtain license keys at any time of the day or night
  • Instantly obtain license keys, because RBC eliminates the manual license key generation on our end, so you get your license key faster
  • Maintain your own data

How to generate and obtain an OpenQM license key using RBC

1. Visit

   A. “Sign in” using “USA/Canada” or “International”- whichever is correct.

   B. Then select “Authorize (Activate) Product”.


   A. Select “Authorize (Activate) Products” using either “USA/Canada” or “International” – whichever is correct.

   B. Then enter your user details.

2. Select OpenQm from the dropdown list.

3. Fill out the authorization form.

   A. Enter the serial number:  This is the 8 digit-QM serial number that identifies your license in RBC.  You can find it in your email confirmation, or you can search for it in RBC (please note, you must be logged in).

   B. Enter the OpenQM version:  This is the version of the software that you have installed.  Please use the following format: x.y.z.

   C. Enter the reference code or system ID:  You can find this on the OpenQM license screen.

   D. Select the operating system from the dropdown to identify the OS where you’ve installed OpenQM.

   E. Enter site text: Optional text you can use to describe the machine/location of the install.

   F. Select your reason for authorizing from the dropdown.

4. Click the submit button.

If the information you provide matches the records within RBC, the authorization information will be presented to you. Then, you can copy this information and input the details into the OpenQM license screen.

To ensure the accuracy of the data within RBC, when generating an authorization, we do require that the version being authorized has been ordered for the serial number being authorized. If there is a version mismatch, RBC can’t generate an authorization code. If this happens, please place an order in RBC (you must be logged in) to upgrade the serial number to the version being installed. Once you’ve completed this task, you’ll be able to generate an authorization code for the version you originally requested.

Need help generating an authorization key? Please contact Rocket Software Technical Support.

Need help with an RBC order? If you’re a partner or Rocket Software direct end user, please send an email to [email protected]. If you purchased Rocket OpenQM through a partner, contact your partner.