Customer Success Management Team Takes Home Customer Journey Innovation CMSWire IMPACT Award

Amidst the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations were forced to quickly transition to remote working models. While the movement allowed businesses to remain functional amidst shutdowns and social distancing guidelines, it created obstacles for communications, both with customers and among teams. While some companies struggled to evolve to new forms of customer interactions, businesses like Rocket Software viewed these new challenges as an opportunity to improve operations and provide an award-winning customer experience to its clients—and Rocket’s Customer Success Management (CSM) team did just that.

This week CMSWire, a leading digital publication of digital strategies for the modern enterprise, unveiled the winners of its 2022 CMSWire IMPACT Awards, honoring Rocket Software’s Senior Director of Customer Success, Cara Howe, and her team, the Rocket Software CSM Team, in the category of Customer Journey Innovation. The annual CMSWire IMPACT Awards celebrate exceptional work in the field of digital customer experience, honoring individuals, departments and teams responsible for creating a notable impact on the customer experience their organization delivers.

Following the move to a remote working model, it became increasingly challenging to track and communicate customer-level engagements between team members spread across multiple customer bases. The lack of real time insights into Rocket Software’s customer journey resulted in an inability to fully understand what issues customers were experiencing on a day-to-day basis. This disconnect led to Rocketeers being more reactive than proactive when engaging with customers.

To overcome these challenges and deliver a more proactive and positive customer experience, the Rocket CSM team hired new team members and created a new role solely focused on data and customer insights. They then launched a pooled model of customers—a group of customers that were able to be accessed at any time by the CSM team. This gave the CSM team the ability to collaborate with customers in real time, enabling them to troubleshoot issues and allowing them to proactively engage with customers throughout their journey on Rocket Software’s website.

The CSM team used the pooled model as a blueprint to begin aggregating all of Rocket’s customer and product data, creating levers for team members to engage as needed. In 2022 the team launched trackable journey touchpoints through Customer Onboarding, Customer Project Transition, Customer Value and Documented Results, Customer Advocacy and Customer Renewals—and the system continues to grow and evolve.

By expanding its team and creating a customer success management pooled model, Rocket Software enabled its CSM team to focus proactively with customers as well as engage with customers in real time for any needs along their journey. As the Customer Insights program continues to grow, it will allow for a clearer view into what is happening with the Rocket Software’s customer base, enabling more strategic business decisions and insights to fuel strategy. With increased customer satisfaction and retention throughout the 2022 calendar year and plans to continue scaling customer and product touchpoints, it is clear why Rocket’s Customer Success Management team is this year’s CMSWire IMPACT award winner for Customer Journey Innovation.

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