Rocket Mainframe Solutions

Rocket Mainframe Solutions

Powering System z, today and tomorrow

Expand your mainframe universe

Mainframes continue to be the most reliable platform for business-critical enterprises, powering most of the world's largest organizations--from financial, retail, life sciences, and transportation corporations to educational and government institutions. Mainframes host databases, applications, and transaction environments that require the highest degrees of scalability, security, and availability.

Mainframes are at the forefront of most new industry trends—including offering reduced big data storage costs with instantaneous storage-aware backup and recovery, sophisticated data warehousing and analytics solutions with the fastest query performance in the market, and a unified platform for rapid development of applications—the only system to enable x86, POWER, and System z applications under a centralized management system. Many enterprises deploy their private clouds using mainframes due to their ability to provide consistent performance as critical workloads dynamically shift.

Rocket Mainframe Solutions provide software solutions that ensure effective utilization of System z environments.  Our mainframe solutions:

  • Provide swift ROI—lower “per computing unit” cost than x86 servers and reduce management overhead
  • Optimize transaction processing, delivering millions of reliable, secure transactions per day
  • Meet demanding SLAs for performance/response times, uptime/availability and back-up/disaster recovery

We help you maximize the value of your existing mainframe investments through our ongoing technology evolution and expertise.

We can help

You can count on Rocket Mainframe Solutions to enable you to:

  • Achieve high availability and data protection from storage-aware data management
  • Access and modernize System z applications
  • Make your private cloud work for you

Rocket Mainframe Solutions – Integrate. Manage. Protect.