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Enterprise Search

Rocket provides an integrated search platform for gathering, indexing, and searching both structured and unstructured data―making the information that you depend on more accessible, useful, and intelligent.

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Enterprise Search

Why Choose Enterprise Search and Text Analytics?


Intelligent search gives you confidence that you will get the right answers to your questions quickly, and that the results returned are comprehensive. Rocket uses semantic evaluation as a means to understand the user’s intent and the contextual meaning of terms. To ensure an exhaustive search, content is gathered not just from structured sources (databases) but also from semi-structured (XML documents and spreadsheets) and unstructured sources (PDF files, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word documents). Results are returned through an intuitive interface that includes a table of contents that categorizes results and highlights the total number of hits within each branch, guiding you to the right information quickly.


By organizing content into meaningful libraries, this solution greatly simplifies the management of security, distribution, and user search experience. The productivity of everyone in the organization is improved when both the frontend and backend interfaces are intuitive, the information is more accessible, easier to navigate, and easier to find.

It’s important that you have the right security and access management built into your solution to ensure that the right users are seeing the right content. You can easily control who can access information, what they can do with it, and how many concurrent users are allowed. Customized views can be created and tailored to meet the needs of different audiences, all while preserving a single location for your content.


With the exponential growth of the digital universe, organizations must be equipped with an affordable solution that scales with the customer as their content and user-base grows. Rocket search was engineered to meet these demands with an architecture based on HTTP/RESTful APIs that provide a flexible distributed network.

For each of your unique requirements, the AJAX-based web interface supports a flexible and completely customizable user interface. This allows you to create feature-rich web applications without spending hours understanding proprietary technology. Search is made simple and affordable.

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