M204 Professional Services

High-performance of Model 204 data management products is approved by an array of services that help maximize the value our customers get from their investments every single day. Rocket M204 offers one of the most experienced technical support teams in the industry, award-winning documentation, and hands-on education in small-classes. The main goal is to make our customers and their business successful through effective use of Model 204 market-leading technologies.


Our team provides various types of consulting services, all of which are available through our Rocket Services team.

Phone Support

Phone Support Service consists of regular and emergency services during normal business hours. Off hours emergency support is also provided. If you have all information ready and follow the procedures outlined below, we will be better prepared to assist you more rapidly.

Regular Services

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5:30pm EST
Model 204 Support Phone
+1 800 755 4222 (US and Canada)
(0)1144 2088 676 153 (UK and Europe)
System 1032 Support Phone
+1 781 577 4468 (US and Canada)
(0)1144 2088 676 153 (UK and Europe)
Fax: +1 617 630 7100

Off-hours emergency service

Monday - Friday, Weekends, Holidays
Model 204 & SoftSpy Support Phone
+1 800 755 4222 (US and Canada)
+1 781 577 4321 (outside of North America)
System 1032 Support is provided Monday through Friday during regular service hours.