Rocket LegaSuite - Training Classes

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Training is typically conducted on-site by our Professional Services consultants. We offer formal classes including:

North America classes

For customers in North America, we offer training classes on-site or at a training facility designed to accommodate registered students. Training on advanced topics and other product modules is also available and can be customized to your specific SOA, integration, workflow, GUI, and terminal emulation replacement needs. Contact us for more information or a price quotation.

EMEA classes

For customers in EMEA, training classes are offered by special arrangement. If you would like more information about our EMEA classes, please contact us.


LegaSuite GUI classes

Intro to LegaSuite GUI Development (5 Days)

This course is designed to introduce new LegaSuite GUI (including WinJa or J Walk) developers to LegaSuite Workbench and GUI Builder tools and provides a solid understanding of how the developer, server, and client software components work together. The course will provide the skills necessary to create a new GUI client for an existing legacy application.

LegaSuite GUI Scripting (2 Days)

This course is designed to impart a clear understanding of how to implement LegaSuite scripts in a LegaSuite GUI project (including WinJa or J Walk). It is a workshop environment where developers are introduced to the developer toolkit's scripting capabilities and how to use scripting to enhance the end user experience.

Deploying LegaSuite GUI Applications (2 Days)

This course is designed to introduce developers to the variety of deployment options supported by LegaSuite GUI (including WinJa and J Walk) and to determine which options are best for your particular environment. It will facilitate successful deployment by transferring best practices knowledge about configuration, set-up options, and other critical success factors.


LegaSuite Integration classes

Intro to LegaSuite Integration (5 Days)

This course is designed to introduce students to LegaSuite Workbench and Service Builder tools and to review how the Server and Gateway components of LegaSuite Integration modules function together. It is a workshop environment where developers will use LegaSuite Workbench to create, publish, and test callable transactions from existing systems.