Rocket BlueZone Host Connectivity

We'll Show you the Money

You may not think there is such a quick and easy way to save money—but there is! If you are like other IT organizations we've worked with, the host connectivity software you've been relying on has probably been around for more than a decade, paid for annually without a second thought. You could be seriously overpaying for older or obsolete terminal emulation technology that is not only light on features but could pose real security risks. Our host connectivity software can quickly and easily change that. Our customers are saving on annual maintenance costs by simply switching to our desktop terminal emulator solutions and the best part is that the process is painless.

Taking the leap

Perhaps you think there's too much productivity risk involved with moving to a new host connectivity solution. You may have invested months or years tailoring your solution to match your business needs. No one wants to repeat that effort. What you may not realize is that you can make the switch to our less expensive solution and still preserve the existing functionality you're accustomed to. We want to help you start saving money, while uncovering inefficiencies that might have been dragging down user productivity for years.

With our host connectivity software, you get:

  • Best Deal Industry Wide: We said it earlier. You will save loads of money and get the same, if not better, features.
  • No baggage! Travel light: BlueZone was built and designed to be easy to implement, easy to use, and highly customizable to support ever-changing business requirements. All that while maintaining the functionality and compatibility of the original applications.
  • Lowest TCO around: We don't just help you save money through licensing. Our central distribution features mean you'll eliminate host connectivity administration and support overhead. It's a win-win.

Migrating Your Host Connectivity Software Couldn't Be Easier

We know your applications are mission-critical and that downtime and risk are not options. We've got more than 20 years of experience in protocol conversion and are experts at converting incumbent technology without interrupting business operations. If you already have first-generation host connectivity software installed, the conversion process is smooth and risk-free. We offer features such as script conversion and a comprehensive menu of professional services to help you manage the transition. We can even match any look, feel, and features of your previous software(if you want).

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