Rocket AS Training

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Introduction to AS Course Description


Customized courses

Using the Facilities of AS (AS1) Course Description
Intermediate use of AS (AS2) Course Description
Advanced use of AS & Application Development (AS3) Course Description


Bespoke Training

  • Courses can be designed to include selected modules from standard courses or by developing new modules to satisfy specialized requirements.
  • A customized course is normally tailored for each organization and can include elementary or advanced topics, covering the components of AS relevant to you. E.g.
    • AS application development, including the multiplatform Eclipse based IDE
    • Maintaining your existing AS applications
    • Running your AS applications on a multiplatform server such as UNIX or Windows
    • Using CorVu NG with AS for dashboards and advanced visualisation
    • Integrating AS with third party products
  • Customized courses can be run at your site or at the our training facility in Waltham, MA in the US. Training can also be arranged for other Rocket locations around the globe, or with our AS training partners.
  • Rocket may charge an additional fee to cover the preparation time for a customized course.

Please contact us to obtain a quote and/or schedule one or more of the above Rocket AS courses.

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