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Rocket Discover provides the intuitive, self-service tools that business users and analysts need to quickly visualize new opportunities.

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Rocket Discover

Self-Service Data Preparation

Explore the intuitive data canvas. Connect to local data sources, server based, relational, cloud, mainframe, IBM Cognos TM1, Cognos 10 BI. Seven simple operations let you join filter, append, sum, and pivot your data across disparate sources. Now you have enriched data to populate your next visualization for deeper insights. Data lineage shows you field origin of each data element for tighter governance and confidence in the data you are using.

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Direct IBM Cognos TM1 connectivity

Discover lets you connect toTM1 cubes for direct view access. Turn TM1 data into clean and crisp visuals in just a few clicks. Discover’s native TM1 live connect ensures that with just one click, you can instantly see TM1 updates in each dashboard and writeback directly to your TM1 source cube. Make the right business decisions based on the latest data.

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  • Connect & Enrich - Instantly add and blend data sources across the enterprise.
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  • Share & Collaborate - Simply drag and drop a dashboard into a chat box, to start collaborating with your team.

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