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Rocket Folio Views

Rocket Folio Views is a high-performance, information retrieval software application designed for professionals who rely on immediate access to information to make decisions. Its primary use is robust, offline text searching within collections of free-format mission-critical information, regardless of size. Rocket Folio Views makes people more effective and efficient at finding and providing answers, making decisions, consulting clients, and solving problems using information. 

Rocket Folio Builder

Rocket Folio Builder is for information specialists who organize, update and maintain collections of information as well as commercial publishers who create professional electronic information titles. An industrial-strength suite of tools, Rocket Folio Builder streamlines the process of converting, compiling and securing information by making it easy to collect information from diverse sources and file formats, combine it into a Rocket Folio infobase and manage user access rights associated with the information. Rocket Folio infobases serve as secure containers that make the information in them more valuable and more manageable.

Rocket Folio Publisher

Rocket Folio Publisher enables commercial publishers who want to sell their information electronically to package the Folio Views client software with their information and provides a license for redistribution. The software also contains sophisticated security to protect a publisher's intellectual property, and supports diverse sales agreements such as subscriptions or site licenses.

Rocket Folio Integrator

Rocket Folio Integrator is a software developer's toolkit that provides powerful technology for using and managing electronic reference information. It lets programmers use familiar development tools to create tailored, integrated, and commerce-enabled information applications. The result is a valuable opportunity for developers to profit from the growing information economy. Rocket Folio Integrator provides three types of opportunities for developers:  It allows integration of Rocket Folio infobases with other information systems, like relational databases, enables a deep customization of Rocket Folio Views for specific business needs, and allows for modular incorporation of one or more components of Folio technology into existing applications.

Rocket Folio-to-XML

Do you need to provide online access to your content? Wish you could do that by leveraging your investment in Rocket Folio? Then meet Rocket Folio-to-XML Converter. It allows you to use your current investment in your Folio production processes—as well as the flexible Folio user interface and powerful editing environment that you’ve come to depend on—to easily make your content available in online environments. 

Rocket NXT Enterprise Server

NXT Enterprise Server gives you a single, integrated process for storing, assembling, securing and delivering reference libraries—on your corporate intranet, to your employees’ hard drives, over the Web, to mobile devices, or on CD or DVD. Its powerful search and navigation tools make the information your business depends on more available and valuable. Plus, it includes all the pieces you’ll need to make new information available quickly, keep your existing content current and tightly control access to sensitive information.

Rocket NXT Professional Publishing Server

Rocket NXT 4 is a complete electronic publishing suite for storing, assembling, securing, and distributing content online, on CD/DVD or within corporate intranets, with rapid search and intuitive navigation.