Rocket D3

Rocket D3 provides proven data management technologies for today's enterprise applications, offering standards-based next-generation web and business intelligence solutions.

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Rocket D3 DBMS

Rocket D3 is a powerful MultiValue development environment designed for today's business critical transactional and analytical database applications. It provides scalability, flexibility, seamless interoperability, connectivity, and low system management cost.

Rocket mvBase DBMS

Rocket mvBase is a high-performance, MultiValue database engine with the ability to create multi-valued fields, unlimited items sizes and with maximum flexibility for data organization.

Rocket FlashConnect

Rocket FlashConnect provides full-featured Web-to-D3 connectivity for D3 to read and write to Web pages natively in real-time.

Rocket D3 OpenDB

Part of the OSFI (Open System File Interface) family of products, Rocket D3 OpenDB allows D3 to connect to ODBC-compliant databases.

Rocket MVS Toolkit

Rocket MVS Toolkit enables developers to easily create and deploy MultiValue Web services for D3, exposing both Pick/BASIC subroutines and Access queries (AQL) as Web Services.

Rocket D3 ODBC Server

The Rocket D3 ODBC server enables ODBC compliant applications to access any ODBC compliant database.

Rocket D3 Java API

Rocket D3 Java API allows Java developers access to D3 multidimensional data from their preferred Java IDE.

Rocket D3 .NET API

Rocket D3 .NET API supports Microsoft's .NET Framework and provides a native bridge between a .NET application and a D3 data source.

Rocket D3 Oracle Gateway

Rocket D3 Oracle Gateway fully integrates the Rocket D3 DBMS with Oracle.

Rocket D3 MQ Series Server

Rocket D3 MQSeries Server provides the developer with interoperability between a Rocket D3 DBMS or other RDBMS-based system via messaging. Rocket D3 MQSeries Server provides ease of integration between heterogeneous applications; the underlying networking layer is completely hidden from the developer.