Rocket AS

Rocket AS provides business intelligence and rapid application development for System z data including DB2. With clients for 3270, Windows, Linux and web, all users in your organization can easily benefit from the capabilities of a truly world class solution.

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Rocket AS

Rocket AS for IBM System z provides rapid application development; plus query, reporting, and visualization of data from multiple sources including DB2 and VSAM. With a rich collection of commands and functions AS (Application System) also provides powerful data update, manipulation, and discovery capabilities. AS includes 3270 and Eclipse based user interfaces for developing and running applications. 

Rocket ICE

Rocket ICE, an optional add-on to AS, extends the potential uses of AS further with very high speed analysis of large volumes of System z data.  With more than 300 specially made analysis functions/commands, and ICE having no limits on the amount of data it can handle, you can quickly work with all your data and not just a pre-aggregated set.

Rocket Ascent Server

Rocket Ascent Server provides the Rocket AS Engine for a multi-platform, distributed server environment. With Ascent Server, you can extend the power of Rocket AS to other operating systems such as Linux, AIX and Windows Server.

Rocket Ascent

Rocket Ascent Client is a Windows and Linux user interface for AS that provides a PC look and feel to existing AS applications with little or no effort. With editions of Rocket Ascent for both end-users of AS applications and developers, all of your organizations AS usage will benefit. The Ascent Developer edition, built on popular Java-based development environment Eclipse, provides significant productivity gains as you create, update and test your AS applications.

Rocket AS Upgrades

On January 31, 2001, IBM discontinued support and service for all versions of IBM AS and IBM ICE. This includes all releases up to and including IBM AS/ICE V4.2, which was released in October 1996. However, there’s no need to begin a costly new deployment process. You just need to upgrade to AS V6.3. Let us tell you why.