Rocket UniVerse

Rocket UniVerse

Fast, flexible data management and app development for your enterprise

Rocket® UniVerse is a fast, flexible platform for developing data-driven enterprise applications. UniVerse tools provide intuitive database design, high performance data access, and graphical (or character-based) user interfaces for Windows®, Linux and UNIX platforms. Customers worldwide depend on UniVerse as a key part of systems they’ve developed themselves or purchased from Rocket partners.

What's New in Rocket UniVerse 11.3.1?
Versatile, proven and advanced

Rocket® UniVerse solutions provide proven data management technologies for innovative enterprise applications. Solutions built on UniVerse handle the data and application demands of thousands of enterprise solutions live in production today, and UniVerse stands ready to handle the needs of many more applications to come—from mobile to the Internet of Things.

UniVerse has a history of providing very high levels of availability, and can be deployed with replication to further enhance your system up-time. UniVerse can also scale to meet the demands of small or large organizations, and offers connectivity options needed for mobile, web and desktop applications and components to integrate seamlessly. It helps thousands of organizations worldwide harness the power of their data to better serve customers, with applications running on a variety of devices.

Performance to spare

Rocket UniVerse couples intuitive database design with high performance data access, storage, and management capabilities across multiple platforms. To develop applications that work efficiently with the data, UniVerse features a native, record-oriented integrated development environment that supports development using Python. Its unique architecture and direct read capability also mean fewer I/O operations and faster access to data.

Once deployed, UniVerse-based applications scale to make the most of available resources, using dynamic allocation of table space. This both optimizes system performance and limits performance-sapping disc use.

Efficiency and speed to market mean faster returns on your investment

UniVerse does not require a large administrative or programming staff to implement, operate or maintain. By lowering these costs, UniVerse accelerates the time to value for applications, and provides exceptional short- and long-term ROI. And with low implementation and operating costs, it’s easier for UniVerse customers to deliver better applications up front, with more incremental improvements for customers or business users over time.

Applications are built using a rapid application development (RAD) tool that speeds application development. UniVerse features an intuitive design with high-performance queries and interfaces for .NET, Java, and other APIs and protocols.

Secure and auditable

High performance access to data is matched with the security you expect from your platforms, delivered with both encryption and user authentication. Data can be encrypted at the column level or by encrypting entire records, and access is granted at the user or group level for role-based security.

UniVerse can help make it easier to manage the auditing requirements for regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH and Sarbanes-Oxley, along with internal auditing requirements. UniVerse also provides logging and other features you need to build in support for auditing requirements.

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