Rocket Tape/Copy

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Automate tape migration, virtual tape upgrades, stacking, and consolidations on z/OS

Rocket Tape/Copy uses the Tape Management System Catalog (TMC) VTLs and ATLs as the primary source of information, and interfaces with ATLs from all major robotic library vendors. The easy-to-use ISPF panels allow the user to define selection criteria and output tape characteristics to build jobs that copy or move tape data automatically. Used by tape data migration professionals worldwide, Tape/Copy is their software of choice based on the robust data set selection criteria, extensive reporting, and error recovery features.

Migrations. migrations. migrations

Tape/Copy is used by the largest tape drive manufacturers in the world to address the migration needs of their clients. Tape/Copy has been used in migrations of all sizes and types. If you have a tape migration requirement, Tape/Copy is the solution.

Enhance ATL and VTL performance

Tape/Copy jobs can be used to automatically move "idle" data out of the ATL by copying it to an outside tape without requiring that the tape be physically ejected from the ATL. It can also copy large data files from virtual tape to native tape to ensure optimum use of virtual tape space.

Maximize ROI of tape media investment

Tape/Copy has intelligent stacking capabilities that allow you to select the data to stack and also specify the desired utilization percentage of the stacked tape. Tape/Copy also enables sorting of the stacked data by expiration date, grouping the data sets by the creating application, and more.

Ensure data integrity

Tape/Copy provides ESTAE protection for the conversion process to ensure that failed operations (I/O errors, missing multi-volume data sets, and so on) do not force a manual cleanup of the catalog and TMC. Tape/Copy backs out all changes to the tape so that the tape is in pre-conversion status.

All tape media formats supported

Tape/Copy automates the conversion of tape data sets from any tape media or device to any other tape media or device. Quickly converts old technology tape media to new, higher density media.

Retain important data set information

Tape/Copy copies the tape management catalog information from the input record to the output record to preserve the data set name, creation date/time, and last used date/time of the input record. Tape/Copy also makes all required system catalog updates.

Prevent backend tape thrashing

Tape/Copy is able to use VTS volume information that is gathered from the IBM VTS Bulk Volume Information Retrieval (BVIR) facility to prevent backend tape thrashing by processing data sets in backend volume order.

Flexible selection criteria

Tape/Copy allows users to select the tape data sets to be copied or migrated based on a wide range of customizable options, including but not limited to the following:

  • Data set name or pattern
  • Expiration date
  • Creation date
  • Number of days idle
  • ATL/VTL location
  • Data set size
  • Volser/volser range
  • Creation job name or program
  • MVS catalog status
  • Outcode